Find RetailerInsert fireplace for ceramic stove, mantelpiece and hearth. This model can also built with a heat channel so that the whole ceramic stove can be heated up.
This stored heat can gradually be used for the room over a period of 7-12 hours.
If you have an old tiled stove, it is possible to remove the old fireplace and replace it whit this one.
The steel base can dismantled making it possible to use the fireplace with or without the base.
When this model is placed inside an existing fireplace or hearth, it will function as a normal stove producing hot air and will become part of your living room.

Efficiency 84.6 % Weight 100 kg
Flue connection 150 mm Flue gas temperature Wood 320 °C
Nominal heat output 7 kW Flue gas flow Wood 6.1 m (g/s)
Pressure 12 p(Pa) Dust in mg. 32 mg