Find RetailerCosy is the correct word to use when the Sirius is burning in your room. A snug and warm feeling for everyone entering the room. Just like all models of Globe Fire this small, sturdy, solid cast iron stove has been fitted with the latest techniques. This stove complies with the environmental regulations required by the EU commission.
A pleasing sight in any interior.

Efficiency 81 % Weight 117 kg
Flue connection 120 mm Flue gas temperature Wood 261 °C
Nominal heat output 6 kW Flue gas flow Wood 5.17 m (g/s)
Pressure 10 p(Pa) Dust in mg. 23 mg

Meets the following test requirements: gem. Art. 15a B-VG, BStV München, Regensburg, Stuttgart und Aachen, gem. DIN plus, Ö-Norm, CE norm,1.+2. BimschV. und Luftreinhalte- Verordnung Switzerland