Casserole Vesuv I & Vesuv II

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These casseroles will be a new challenge for you and your family.
When you introduce one of these to your circle of friends you are sure of success.
A fire is made, food is put in the dish, placed in the fire with fire on the top of it and that’s all there is to it. Try it and discover how easy it is.

A healthy and tasty way of preparing food.

The casseroles are made of solid cast iron with an enamel layer on the inside, making it easy to clean. Available in two sizes.

Vesuv I: 40 cm Ø 13,7 Kg. (5- 6 Pers.)

Vesuv II: 50 cm Ø 22,0 Kg. (10-12 Pers.)

Weight 13,7 kg (5-6 persons) / 22 kg (10-12 persons) Aperture 40 cm / 50 cm