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Are you looking for a pellet stove that not only heats your house but can also be used to cook?

In that case the Pasquale is just the stove for you.

This pellet stove has a large hotplate on which the most delicious dishes can be prepared.

Besides this, the Pasquale has an elegant look which is also an asset to your home.

This pellet stove has a storage tank capacity of 16 Kg.

Efficiency 89,1 % Flue connection 80 mm
Nominal heat output 6,7 kW Pressure 10 Pa
Weight 116 Kg Flue gas temperature 116 °C
Flue gas flow 5,0 g/s Heat output 2,5-6,7 kW

Meets te following test requirements: DIN EN 14785:2006, 15A B-VG, LRV / VKF first and second BimschV Deutschlands.